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 So I haven't posted anything in, um, years, but I've decided to start a meme! 

Here are the rules: take the NPR list of top 100 Scifi and Fantasy books, bold the ones you've read and italicize the ones you've seen the movie/show. 
My list )

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Kind of just had a bit of a revelation. I was trying to describe my least favorite book (Little Women), and as I was typing about tomboys (tomboy in this post standing in for non-gender-conforming female-bodied person) who grow up and get married, I realized: My problem with that storyline is that it's got nothing to do with my life. I remember being like 10 and thinking that eventually I'll have to grow my hair out, because I couldn't have short hair forever. But it's not like anyone ever told me that. If they had, I'd've argued. But it was in all the books.

To an extent I blocked it out. Like, if you asked me at 14, I would have said that Little Women is about Jo having awesome adventures and taking care of her family, and that Gone With the Wind is about Scarlett doing pretty much the same thing, but with an added level of not taking any shit from anybody. That is not what those books are about. Those books are about women who are independent because they have to be, until they settle down and get married (happily or not).

There aren't books about people like me. I mean, maybe there are a few. But of the books I read as a child and teenager, there weren't any where the epic tomboy young woman grows up to be an epic tomboy adult.

I'm aware it's unreasonable to expect a multitude of books about people who share my fairly atypical gender identity. But. I also kind of want to write some. Because there have got to be kids out there now who are pissed at the end of Mulan and who find Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret utterly baffling. And those kids should have books that don't treat their gender identity as something they'll grow out of. 

On a more positive front, I'm currently rereading Monstrous Regiment, which features female characters who a) are bad ass, and b) don't get married. It's a Discworld book, so it's really funny, and most of the characters are female. But it's not a "girl" book. There's a lot of commentary on gender norms, but the basic plot is somewhere between neutral and masculine. Anyway, it's awesome, and totally readable even if you don't know anything about Discworld. So go read it. It's still not perfect, but I wish someone had given it to me when I was 13.
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I have Thoughts on the new episode of Doctor Who....
Ok, so I'm doing this project on women in science fiction for a class, and thus, at the moment, every media I consume is being rated on its feminism. And possibly I'm going in strange directions with that. But this episode bugged me. 
Here's the link to my project blog thing. Right now it's titled Beyond Barbarella, though before that it was Not Another Orion Slave Girl, and it'll prolly change again. Lemme know if you have ideas. Feel free to comment, because otherwise I think it's just going to be my professor reading it.
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There's something kind of nice about staying up all night reading. I think this might be how other people feel when they, like, play boardgames or something. A return to the simpler pleasures of childhood, that kind of thing. Except I still play boardgames as intently as my 10 year old brother. The conditions have to be just right for staying up all night reading: you have to have things you ought to be doing, but nothing too urgent. You have to have a good book to read... Actually, those are about the only requirements. But at some point even I grew up enough to mostly spend my all-nighters trying to get homework done. Just reading is nice. And summer is also quite nice.

My semester was lame. Well. It had its good points. Dated this girl for a while, she was cool. And I remain quite proud of this paper I wrote about the history of Hawaii-US interactions. It had footnotes. Oh, and I read some great books for my science fiction class. Including the Dispossessed, and now I kind of want to read everything Ursala K. Le Guin has ever written. 

Lots of debate amongst my friends as the semester ended also. Of my five close friends, two probably aren't coming back to this school next year, and I have no idea what I'm doing. The ones who are leaving think I should go to the school they're moving to, and the ones that are staying think I (and the leaving ones) should stay. On the one hand, it's nice to have people who want me around, but it makes it harder to decide to leave, which I think would be the right thing to do.... if I didn't have such great friends here. So I have no idea.

Speaking of books, I'm having a problem in that in the year I've been here, I've accumulated a few dozen books, and now I don't know what to do with them. I'm trying to avoid shipping stuff home, but I'm also constitutionally opposed to getting rid of books in any way ever. As far as personal crises go, though, I suppose that's not a bad one to be having. 
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I finally saw Star Trek! It was awesome. There were space battles and McCoy kept saying "My God, man!" and "Damn it, Jim!" And Zachary Quinto definitely used to have an eyebrow piercing. When his face is like 15 feet high, it's kinda obvious. But I can''t find any pictures of him with it pierced, which is distressing me. (None of those things count as spoilers, right? Spoilers for Zachary Quinto's face?)

Star Trek and Terminator Salvation (if anyone cares about that) Spoilers. Also minor emo over the lack of women in movies, which probably deserves a warning. )

I'm feeling rather disenchanted with bandom over the lack of women, too. The other day I read this really cool fic, and then I realized it was like 40,000 words and no women had lines. At all. And statistically, I think it's safe to assume the author was female. And that's not exactly unusual in bandom, the lack of female characters, I mean. 

And, I'm reading the 2nd Discworld book, and there aren't any women in that, either!

I have opinions on the whole DOMA brief fiasco, too, but that's a little too sad for me to get in to now. The lack of women in fiction is obnoxious and I really want it to change, but it doesn't hurt my feelings. That brief is mean.

In happier Star Trek thoughts, I took my little brother to see it and he loved it. So at least I'm contributing to the next generation of geeks. 

Oh, and I was really excited to see the Sherlock Holmes trailer all ginormous. Although, fuck, now that I think about it, that movie won't be any better, female character-wise. Grr.
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 1. I made a new icon! I'm sort of getting into this whole icon thing. I think it's because I've been watching way too much TV. I keep seeing things and thinking they'd make good icons. 

2. I have a tab open now of a news article entitled "Why is Seattle trying to sack Tacoma?". I kind of don't want to read the article, because it can't be as interesting as the possibilities it implies. Maybe Seattle is tired of Tacoma being in it's state and they've decided to fire us? Or they've decided that instead of taxing plastic bags they're just going to send them here? Or, and this is my favorite, Starbucks, Ichiro and the hipsters from Capitol Hill have formed an unholy alliance and they're going to lay siege to Tacoma until we agree to stop having interesting arts and food here. I'm picturing people wrecking havoc on the glass museum. Possibly the salmon throwing guys from Pike Place Market would be involved. 
3. No, it was actually about a bidding war between Seattle and Tacoma for the headquarters of a company everyone hates. Though I think the reason everyone hates them is because they resent being forced into a bidding war. That is not as fun I thought it might be. 

4. Okay, still watching Buffy and Angel. I just finished season 6 of Buffy and season 3 of Angel. Putting this behind a cut because I can't be the only person who avoids spoilers for old shows I might someday watch. )

6. I'm working, a bit, as a busser (server assistant is apparentely the technical term) at my step-dad's restaurant. I've tried working there as a hostess before and hated it, so I was I surprised to find that bussing is actually great for me. I don't have to talk to customers very much, but I have a bunch of different things I could/should be doing at any given point. Lots of running around and switching quickly from task to task. Basically, it's the perfect ADHD job, for me at least. Plus, the servers give me tips, which I didn't know when I started and it remains very exciting. 

7. The problem with it is that I'm only working weekends, so on the weekdays I feel the sitting around not doing anything more acutely. But my brother gets out of school soon, and then I'll be babysitting him a lot. Plus we can go on adventures. It'll be fun. 

8. I still haven't seen Star Trek! Or Wolverine, or Up. I keep meaning to, and then I just don't. Probably Star Trek will be one of those with-my-brother adventures. 

9. There is no thought #9. But I felt like I should have some sort of conclusion. I'm bored and hot but not particularly unhappy, I suppose. That's conclusive, right?
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I'm in a weird mood. I've been watching Buffy, and now I'm up to the middle of season 5, the part where...

Gonna cut this, since it's a major spoiler, even though it aired like 7 years ago. Also, lots of real life stuff and minor emo. )
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I made a fingerless glove/armwarmer thing! It's kind of hideous! But in, I think, a sort of nice rustic homemade looking way. The problem with things that come in pairs is that the second one has to look the same as the first one, instead of better. Provided the second one turns out alright (and really, it can't be any worse), I'm totally giving these to [personal profile] nerdyrockchick for her birthday. (I have conclusively proven that she doesn't read her flist, which means I can talk about her behind her back. So there.)

Pictures and Patterns and Buffy, oh my )
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 Oh man, there's a trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. There it is, go watch it, I'll wait. .... See how awesome it is? Now watch it again in HD. Even more awesome, huh?

I'm very excited (surprising, I know) about this movie. For one, I strongly suspect that there will be amazing fic. And I think I will be able to movie!Holmes in a different place than book!Holmes in my brain, and thus the slash won't seem so bizarre. In my brain, Holmes (book!Holmes, at least) is definitely asexual. I think that's in part because I started reading Sherlock Holmes stories when I was like seven. But mostly it's that he doesn't ever seek out relationships with people. Watson just sort of shows up, and Holmes gets used to him and appreciates his help. Holmes reminds me of a friend of mine who is really smart and really cares about people, but the entire concept of sex or romantic relationships doesn't occur to him. 

Actually, I guess movie!Holmes will the third Holmes I think about. Because there's also Holmes in the Mary Russell series (which is amazing, you should read it immediately). Russell!Holmes I can picture as having romantic relationships, though the whole Holmes having sex thing is still sort of bizarre, and I'm glad the books only have, like, occasional kissing. 

Okay, the HD trailer finally finished loading. I may have made embarrassing squeaky noises. Can't be proved. 

[Edited to use my new Holmes and Watson Are Not Convinced icon]
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 I've started eating milk again, I think. I went dairy free when a naturopathic doctor told me to, a month after I went gluten free, so just under two and a half years ago. It's undoubtedly stupid to start eating something my body obviously doesn't like, but I'm so tired of it. Just dairy free, or just gluten free, I could handle, but.... I started crying this morning because I wanted pizza and I couldn't have any. Since I stopped eating stuff I've had time periods where it has bothered me way more than it usually does, but this is by far the worst.

So I quit. I know that I can't eat gluten without risking permanent intestinal damage, but dairy is just sort of painful. Before, when I ate it regularly, it only really hurt me if I had like a glass of milk on an empty stomach. I'm gonna start eating it again for a few weeks and see how it feels. Because if I can get back to that, I'm just gonna live with it. It's too obnoxious to go to a gluten free bakery and still not be able to eat anything. 

I have very mixed feelings about this decision. On one hand, holy fuck, dairy is tasty. I had a peanut butter milkshake today. It was really good. And next time I go to the store I'm gonna buy a gluten free frozen pizza. On the other hand... Usually when I've eaten gluten or dairy since I went GFCF (gluten free casein(milk protein) free), it's been a self-destructive thing. IE, I tend to eat stuff I know I shouldn't when I'm in a really terrible mood and also smoking and drinking things I shouldn't. So I'm skeptical that I'm in my right mind, exactly. 

My mom thinks it's a good idea, oddly. Well, she thinks it's stupid to start eating milk again by having a milkshake, but in general she thinks easing back into eating it is a good idea. I don't think other people are going to agree, though. [personal profile] nerdyrockchick in particular is totally going to yell at me. 

No negative effects noted yet, though that doesn't really mean anything since it's only been 6 hours. I have a kind of nasty headache, but I think that's from being out in the sun for most of the day and for doing the crazy Northwest summer thing.

The crazy Northwest summer thing, for those who didn't grow up somewhere hot and then move to Washington, is when it's Saturday and like 70 so everyone goes "OMG, it's so hot/nice/sunny, we have to go to the beach/park/zoo/mountains." while simultaneously talking about how bizarrely hot it is (70 degrees fahrenheit). If you really want to do the crazy Northwest summer thing right, you go someplace with water (we went to this park with all these things that spray water) and pretend it's warm enough to be there and all wet. Actually, it was warm enough to be wet with like lukewarm water, but the water was really cold.  So I think cold water + bright sun has led to my headache.

It was fun anyway though. My sister and I have no shame and very little self-consciousness, so we definitely played in the water things, even though we were at least ten years older than anyone else there. She kept pushing me under the bucket things as they filled up and turned over, so I ended up completely soaked and she was barely wet. But then my brother (he's nine) finally deigned to play, and I got him all wet by grabbing him and standing under the buckets. Then I put part of my sister's snow cone down the back of his shirt and it was war. In a few minutes we're going to eat dinner on the patio of my stepdad's restaurant, where they have gluten free beer. 

Fine, fine, maybe the crazy Northwest summer thing is fun. But that doesn't mean it's not crazy.
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So I just watched yesterday's House (the season finale).

Spoilers and also me putting way too much thought into a TV show. )
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So I'm pretty sure that I have now looked at every single travel site on the planet.

Oh, wait, I only looked at the English ones. Okay, I looked at the Spanish language sites, but they seem to be mostly European, so the prices are even worse because they're in Euros. 

To save me from certain head explosion, I'm going to do this meme I stole from [personal profile] dmsj .

I'm meming. )
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This isn't beta'd, so if there are glaring problems point them out, please. Not to mention that I wrote most of it in the middle of the night after getting tired of having a file called Guide Who in my docs for months.

Title: You Never Know Who You'll See at the Pub.
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Characters: Donna Noble, Ten, Ford Prefect, Arthur Dent
Pairings: gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1400, give or take.
Warnings: Unbeta'd, Americanisms, no real attempt made to fit it in to canon timelines.
Summary: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about Donna Noble. )
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Swine flu has invaded my neighborhood. Well, for certain values of neighborhood. The town over from where I went to high school. It's still weird as fuck. I'm not anymore freaked out than I was (which isn't very) but it's weird. 

I had a post, but then I made it go away, somehow? I accidentally went back a page and then it reverted to an old saved draft instead of what  I'd been writing. Odd. 

I haven't slept in like 30 hours, and on me lack of sleep looks just like drunk. So I will rewrite stuff tomorrow. 

Oh, except, before I forget, I'm doing crossover hp recs at crack_broom on That Other Site next month. I'm very excited, I love crossovers. So if anyone has suggestions, you know, share.
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 I'm not sure there's anything new to be said, but I'm gonna try anyway. 

What bothers me most- well, no, what bothers me most is that A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality is the first book that comes up when you search homosexual on amazon. Or that a lot of the deranked books are non-fiction. Okay, I'm bothered in general.

But the part that I keep coming back to is that they're from Seattle. If you asked me to name companies from Seattle, Amazon would be probably third, after Starbucks and REI. I buy local, if I can, and from local corporations before others. I have, in the past, annoyed my friends by wandering the wine section of Central Market until I find a good Washington wine. And when a Washington company does something stupid, I feel more betrayed than I would normally. Plus, they're from Seattle! Washington just got civil unions a couple weeks ago, for fuck's sake. 

Basically, I kind of feel like I went to REI and they told me they don't sell snowboards anymore, and strongly implied that snowboarding is morally wrong. 

I'm not as indignant as I might be because I'm still completely baffled. It's just.... bizarre.
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 I'm in a mood where it feels like my life would make way more sense if I could just think of the perfect analogy.

My minor revelation of the moment is that I'm terrible at habits. Which is sort of a mixed blessing, because it applies to bad habits too. I just.... don't form habits easily. And even when I do form them, they change pretty easily.

Which explains how I accidentally quit smoking a couple years ago. I didn't smoke that much to start out with, like 4 packs a week when I was smoking the most, and then one day I noticed that I'd pretty much stopped. So it seemed reasonable to completely stop. Which I did, with no difficulty. I've started and stopped a couple times since then. At the moment I'd kind of like to be in a smoking phase, but it's too much stress while I'm living at home. So I'll stick to the occasional cigarette when I'm at a bar or something. 

Anyway, bad at habits: I am completely incapable of taking pills at anytime except when I wake up or when I go to bed. Any other time I just won't remember. Sleep habits I don't form, period. It's as hard for me to go to bed at the same time the 50th night as the first, and the same for waking up. Sometimes that's useful though, because I don't get jetlag. On the other hand, it's kind of like I have jetlag all the time. 

Oh well. 

I'm reading The Picture of Dorian Grey. I feel kind of like I've been spoiled about it by A) having seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and B) having heard about Oscar Wilde being bisexual. Oddly, the latter is coloring my reading of the book more, I think. It's kind of frustrating, because what I've read of it seems oh so gay, and I'm curious if I'd think so if I didn't know anything about Oscar Wilde. It's cool anyway, though, because good god that dude could write a one-liner. Or a several-liner. Thus far I've restrained myself from quoting bits at random people. I'm not sure that restraint will last through the rest of the book.

I watched the new House last night. Spoilers.... )


Apr. 6th, 2009 10:50 pm
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I am very excited about this whole having a dreamwidth account thing. I'm not very good at, like, patience so waiting for April 30 wasn't really working for me. I was refreshing my twitter page all the time. It was a Bad Plan.

Hm, so now I have a soapbox, but nothing to say. 



...Right, more interesting post later. I haven't slept in a while.
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ok, also, i just woke up from the most bizarre dream. it was like bandom/hp crossover apocafic. oh, and some sga. (no chuck, sorry new chuck people. but hi! *waves*)
ashlee's dad was the bad guy. at various points i was john sheppard, harry potter, girl!frank and spencer. it was actually really cool and interesting, except at the end when i was me and real life people were there and dying. that was just sad and scary.
anyone else had any odd dreams lately?
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So, friends list, all, you know, 3 of you.... I keep meaning to friend more people. but then i... don't.
anyway. i just got my assignment thing for [community profile] apocalyptothon  and i sorta need a beta. 'sorta' because as yet there's nothing to edit, i just need someone to mock me when i insist the story will get better once the zombies show up to fight the pirates. (ok, not really. but only because i can't figure out how to work zombies and pirates in to the plot. although...) my person who would normally do this doesn't do bandom, though i remain hopeful i can eventually convert her. and then someday in the future there will be proper beta-ing.

lol. ok, so i wrote the above a couple days ago, and then went OMG, pirate AU! and sort wrote the basis/character sheet for it. no zombies. yet. so here's that. in total nerd fashion, it's more or less set in the pirates of the caribbean universe. there will prolly be more later.

ETA: uh, this will prolly get edited a few more times, because i can't leave well enough alone and the online version not matching the one on my computer bugs me.

the world ALWAYS needs more pirate AU's )
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Hello Rodney, )
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