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ok, also, i just woke up from the most bizarre dream. it was like bandom/hp crossover apocafic. oh, and some sga. (no chuck, sorry new chuck people. but hi! *waves*)
ashlee's dad was the bad guy. at various points i was john sheppard, harry potter, girl!frank and spencer. it was actually really cool and interesting, except at the end when i was me and real life people were there and dying. that was just sad and scary.
anyone else had any odd dreams lately?
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So, friends list, all, you know, 3 of you.... I keep meaning to friend more people. but then i... don't.
anyway. i just got my assignment thing for [community profile] apocalyptothon  and i sorta need a beta. 'sorta' because as yet there's nothing to edit, i just need someone to mock me when i insist the story will get better once the zombies show up to fight the pirates. (ok, not really. but only because i can't figure out how to work zombies and pirates in to the plot. although...) my person who would normally do this doesn't do bandom, though i remain hopeful i can eventually convert her. and then someday in the future there will be proper beta-ing.

lol. ok, so i wrote the above a couple days ago, and then went OMG, pirate AU! and sort wrote the basis/character sheet for it. no zombies. yet. so here's that. in total nerd fashion, it's more or less set in the pirates of the caribbean universe. there will prolly be more later.

ETA: uh, this will prolly get edited a few more times, because i can't leave well enough alone and the online version not matching the one on my computer bugs me.

the world ALWAYS needs more pirate AU's )
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Hello Rodney, )
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So it's Day of Silence today. I'm not really doing anything, but I like the remembrance posts so I thought I'd do that. It's a bit longer than I really intended.

I Remember )
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so i saw this request for submissions for a queer project thing. they want performances pieces that have some thing to do with glbt stuff written by young people. because i'm crazy, my first thought was oh, it'd be awesome if people could just randomly switch sexes, whenever they felt like it. and it'd be even cooler if those people not only weren't ostracized, they were respected and important to society. so. i'm writing that. it's a monologue, and i can't decide how long it should be. on one hand, it's prolly 7 or 8 minutes long now, which seems kinda long. but i still have more things i could add! i dunno. so. this is not finished, it will probably get cut down some later, but i want people who aren't me to read it and see if it makes any sense outside of my head. :D

So you wanna know about the Gifted? )
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ganked from [livejournal.com profile] andcrashrewind and [livejournal.com profile] paperdollmuse

1) My username is ______ because ______.
- my username is hooloovoowrites because... hooloovoo_writes was too many letters.

2) My name is _____ because ______.
- my name is hooloovoo because i'm a giant nerd and read the hitchhikers guide too many times when i was little. a hooloovoo is a super-intelligent shade of blue. that's maybe a little egotistical, but... too awesome to resist.

3) My journal is titled ____ because ______.
- my journal is.... uh, isn't titled. hmm. yeah, i can't think of one. ideas?

4) My friends page is called ____ because ______.
- my friends pags is called 'the square root of awesome is u+me' because. uh. i'm a cheesy geek?

5) My default userpic is ____ because ______.
- my default userpic is a sunset pic because i wanted something simple but pretty.

and another one, because two meme posts in a row would be silly.

Name: hooloovoo
Age: 20. lol. wierd. (my birthday was 2 weeks ago)
Location: the land of rain. actually, it's really nice today. anyway, seattle FTW.
Something you're currently squeeing about in bandom: well, i don't know how to say this, but.... ryan ross' clothes. i kinda totally want to dress like that. and possibly occasionally do.
Something you're currently squeeing about anywhere else: lol. ok, this is dumb, but. my family has season tickets to a minor league baseball team partially owned by the ex-husband of the sister of the fiancee of pete wentz. lol. he bought the team last year and i still think it's hilarious.
Interesting face, please?: wait, interesting face or fact? how about a fact about faces? the edge of your eye socket, below your eyebrows, is called the supraorbital tori.
One bad habit: keeping my laptop next to my bed. definitely haven't gotten up yet. even though i woke up... god, two hours ago. i should get up.
Anything else: um. nope, that's it.
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Title: 12 Hours Later
Rating: R for darkness, death and cussing
Word Count: 2466
Summary: How John and Rodney do and don't cope.
Characters: McKay and Sheppard, with a little Carter, Woolsey, Keller and Ronon.
Spoilers: Heavy spoilers for the season 4 finale.
Author’s Notes: This is angsty and dark. and people i'm fond of die. so be aware of that.
on a more positive note, this is my first stargate fic, so please tell me how to make it better. also, this was first posted on sga_flashfic on my other journal.

12 Hours Later )
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is anyone else following this berkeley stuff?
i mean, i hate military recruiters as much as the next hippie, but.... burning the flag while playing the imperial march from star wars is not an effective form of protest. plus there appeared to be bicycles on fire as well, and i'm not even sure how that's possible.
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so i'm fairly certain no one actually reads this, but it suddenly occurred to me i can post stuff.
i spent a good portion of today hanging out with my friend jacob and babysitting the Genius Brother. that's a good way to weed out uncool people, actually. if they can watch us being crazy and ridiculous and not run away, that's a good sign. we went bowling and then played a lot of rock band. bowling was awesome, i won once, jacob won once, and Genius Brother and i tied with 100 points each on the last game. which is kind of a lot better than we normally do, so that was cool.
oh so total side note, i know jacob from my forensic anthropology class, which is way more awesome than i expected, and i expected a lot. i can now look at skulls and know stuff about them! it's so cool. jacob and i get along because, i think, we're the only people in the class who realize how cool that is.
anyway, we played rock band. that was mostly fun, except Genius Brother gets kinda grumpy when he feels someone (me) is not doing as well as they should.
then at like 10 jacob and i continued working on The Desk. it gets capital letters because it's epic. the instructions are 50 pages long. there are at least 200 screws and things, and 27 kinds of boards. it's still nowhere near done, and we've been working on it for nearly 4 hours. of course, we're not that great at like staying on task and not getting distracted by looking up our old high schools on youtube. this link  is like the ultimate granbury video, it's got both the dancing drunk hicks, and, if you'll look in the background, you'll notice that the lake is only 2 feet deep. and what you can't tell from the video is that the ground is full of weeds and slimy sand. and there are tons up underwater tree stumps. so naturally everyone parks their boats there. such is granbury.
The Desk is still not done. but we'll prolly finish tomorrow. hopefully.

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