May. 10th, 2008

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So, friends list, all, you know, 3 of you.... I keep meaning to friend more people. but then i... don't.
anyway. i just got my assignment thing for [community profile] apocalyptothon  and i sorta need a beta. 'sorta' because as yet there's nothing to edit, i just need someone to mock me when i insist the story will get better once the zombies show up to fight the pirates. (ok, not really. but only because i can't figure out how to work zombies and pirates in to the plot. although...) my person who would normally do this doesn't do bandom, though i remain hopeful i can eventually convert her. and then someday in the future there will be proper beta-ing.

lol. ok, so i wrote the above a couple days ago, and then went OMG, pirate AU! and sort wrote the basis/character sheet for it. no zombies. yet. so here's that. in total nerd fashion, it's more or less set in the pirates of the caribbean universe. there will prolly be more later.

ETA: uh, this will prolly get edited a few more times, because i can't leave well enough alone and the online version not matching the one on my computer bugs me.

the world ALWAYS needs more pirate AU's )

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