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 I'm not sure there's anything new to be said, but I'm gonna try anyway. 

What bothers me most- well, no, what bothers me most is that A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality is the first book that comes up when you search homosexual on amazon. Or that a lot of the deranked books are non-fiction. Okay, I'm bothered in general.

But the part that I keep coming back to is that they're from Seattle. If you asked me to name companies from Seattle, Amazon would be probably third, after Starbucks and REI. I buy local, if I can, and from local corporations before others. I have, in the past, annoyed my friends by wandering the wine section of Central Market until I find a good Washington wine. And when a Washington company does something stupid, I feel more betrayed than I would normally. Plus, they're from Seattle! Washington just got civil unions a couple weeks ago, for fuck's sake. 

Basically, I kind of feel like I went to REI and they told me they don't sell snowboards anymore, and strongly implied that snowboarding is morally wrong. 

I'm not as indignant as I might be because I'm still completely baffled. It's just.... bizarre.

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