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 Oh man, there's a trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. movies.yahoo.com/movie/1810045845/video/13526202 There it is, go watch it, I'll wait. .... See how awesome it is? Now watch it again in HD. Even more awesome, huh?

I'm very excited (surprising, I know) about this movie. For one, I strongly suspect that there will be amazing fic. And I think I will be able to movie!Holmes in a different place than book!Holmes in my brain, and thus the slash won't seem so bizarre. In my brain, Holmes (book!Holmes, at least) is definitely asexual. I think that's in part because I started reading Sherlock Holmes stories when I was like seven. But mostly it's that he doesn't ever seek out relationships with people. Watson just sort of shows up, and Holmes gets used to him and appreciates his help. Holmes reminds me of a friend of mine who is really smart and really cares about people, but the entire concept of sex or romantic relationships doesn't occur to him. 

Actually, I guess movie!Holmes will the third Holmes I think about. Because there's also Holmes in the Mary Russell series (which is amazing, you should read it immediately). Russell!Holmes I can picture as having romantic relationships, though the whole Holmes having sex thing is still sort of bizarre, and I'm glad the books only have, like, occasional kissing. 

Okay, the HD trailer finally finished loading. I may have made embarrassing squeaky noises. Can't be proved. 

[Edited to use my new Holmes and Watson Are Not Convinced icon]

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