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I have Thoughts on the new episode of Doctor Who....
Ok, so I'm doing this project on women in science fiction for a class, and thus, at the moment, every media I consume is being rated on its feminism. And possibly I'm going in strange directions with that. But this episode bugged me. 
Amy had to choose which one was real, and there was this whole implication that whichever one she chose would become real, or would at least prove which was more important to her. Which, I mean, whatever. That's fine, and the choice between two radically different lives is an interesting one. But somehow it all got twisted around until it wasn't actually about travelling in the TARDIS versus being married and pregnant, but about the Doctor versus Rory, and whichever one she chose was the one she loved best. And that's so dumb, because it takes her choice about her life, and turns it into a competition between two guys. Come to think of it, it's a bit like two male presidential candidates debating abortion. Makes you wanna yell, "It's not about you!" at the TV.  
Here's the link to my project blog thing. http://scifiwomen.blogspot.com/ Right now it's titled Beyond Barbarella, though before that it was Not Another Orion Slave Girl, and it'll prolly change again. Lemme know if you have ideas. Feel free to comment, because otherwise I think it's just going to be my professor reading it.

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