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 I'm in a mood where it feels like my life would make way more sense if I could just think of the perfect analogy.

My minor revelation of the moment is that I'm terrible at habits. Which is sort of a mixed blessing, because it applies to bad habits too. I just.... don't form habits easily. And even when I do form them, they change pretty easily.

Which explains how I accidentally quit smoking a couple years ago. I didn't smoke that much to start out with, like 4 packs a week when I was smoking the most, and then one day I noticed that I'd pretty much stopped. So it seemed reasonable to completely stop. Which I did, with no difficulty. I've started and stopped a couple times since then. At the moment I'd kind of like to be in a smoking phase, but it's too much stress while I'm living at home. So I'll stick to the occasional cigarette when I'm at a bar or something. 

Anyway, bad at habits: I am completely incapable of taking pills at anytime except when I wake up or when I go to bed. Any other time I just won't remember. Sleep habits I don't form, period. It's as hard for me to go to bed at the same time the 50th night as the first, and the same for waking up. Sometimes that's useful though, because I don't get jetlag. On the other hand, it's kind of like I have jetlag all the time. 

Oh well. 

I'm reading The Picture of Dorian Grey. I feel kind of like I've been spoiled about it by A) having seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and B) having heard about Oscar Wilde being bisexual. Oddly, the latter is coloring my reading of the book more, I think. It's kind of frustrating, because what I've read of it seems oh so gay, and I'm curious if I'd think so if I didn't know anything about Oscar Wilde. It's cool anyway, though, because good god that dude could write a one-liner. Or a several-liner. Thus far I've restrained myself from quoting bits at random people. I'm not sure that restraint will last through the rest of the book.

I watched the new House last night. I was really surprised by Kutner dying. I think I watch too much sci-fi, because this whole characters dying and staying dead thing doesn't work for me. Plus, who dies in the middle of an episode? Traditionally people at the ends of episodes. Or maybe during the teaser. Maybe.

Anyway, I'm even more in love with Kal Penn, now. Because he left House to be Associate Director of the White House Office of Public Liaison. How cool is that?

Kutner was my favorite character on House, though. I mean, Thirteen is super hot, and I like that she's bi and that they showed her having relationships (sorta) with male and female people, but.... her dating Foreman is really boring. And the teaser for next week has some sort of cuddy/house/cameron/chase love quadrangle, and not in a good way. I'll probably watch it, but I'm not looking forward to it.  
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