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I finally saw Star Trek! It was awesome. There were space battles and McCoy kept saying "My God, man!" and "Damn it, Jim!" And Zachary Quinto definitely used to have an eyebrow piercing. When his face is like 15 feet high, it's kinda obvious. But I can''t find any pictures of him with it pierced, which is distressing me. (None of those things count as spoilers, right? Spoilers for Zachary Quinto's face?)

I can forgive the Star Fleet ladies all wearing short skirts. I guess. I suppose the uniforms closely resemble those from old Star Trek and they wanted to preserve that whole retro look. 

But. There weren't any women who were there to contribute to the action. All the women were there to have relationships with the men. There were (at a stretch) four female characters. Spock's girlfriend, Spock's mom, Kirk's mom, and that green woman whose bed Kirk hid under.

And I know that Uhura is cool. But the only reason she's even on the Enterprise is because she's dating Spock and she made him assign her to that ship. All through the movie, we kept hearing about how great at languages she is, but the only thing she does that has anything to do with her job is to hear the Klingon radio signal or whatever. Other than that, she flirts with Kirk and comforts Spock. 

If I sound all angry feminist, I'm not. Well, I am a feminist. But usually I'm really oblivious to stuff like this. This time, though, I spent the whole movie waiting for more women to show up. If you're rebooting the series anyway, why not just make one of the male characters female? Sulu, maybe, or Scotty. Or Admiral Pike, that'd be cool. Or just go all the way and introduce Captain Jamie T. Kirk, who still flirts with every woman she sees. (Actually, that would be amazing. And I'm sure there will be/is fic like that. But it'd be more fun on the big screen.) 

Bizarrely, I think Terminator Salvation had more meaningful female roles. Sort of. It was mostly the same thing, with the lack of independent women. There was John Connor's girlfriend (who can apparently singlehandedly perform a heart transplant in a field while very pregnant, but that's another post) and Marcus the Android's girlfriend. She was a cool fighter pilot, until like 10 minutes after she showed up when she was all, "Oh, Marcus the Android, you rescued me, now I must cuddle with you!" That was less cool. And then she betrayed the resistance because she had deep, meaningful feelings for him. Anyway, there was Helena Bonham Carter as a dead doctor who'd built Marcus the Android and whose face Skynet used to talk to him. She wasn't dating anyone.

I don't mean to disparage women in relationships or straight women or anyone, really. I just want it to be okay for female characters not to have a love interest. If nearly all the male characters can be single and fine with it, can't at least a couple of the women? Please?

I'm feeling rather disenchanted with bandom over the lack of women, too. The other day I read this really cool fic, and then I realized it was like 40,000 words and no women had lines. At all. And statistically, I think it's safe to assume the author was female. And that's not exactly unusual in bandom, the lack of female characters, I mean. 

And, I'm reading the 2nd Discworld book, and there aren't any women in that, either!

I have opinions on the whole DOMA brief fiasco, too, but that's a little too sad for me to get in to now. The lack of women in fiction is obnoxious and I really want it to change, but it doesn't hurt my feelings. That brief is mean.

In happier Star Trek thoughts, I took my little brother to see it and he loved it. So at least I'm contributing to the next generation of geeks. 

Oh, and I was really excited to see the Sherlock Holmes trailer all ginormous. Although, fuck, now that I think about it, that movie won't be any better, female character-wise. Grr.
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