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 1. I made a new icon! I'm sort of getting into this whole icon thing. I think it's because I've been watching way too much TV. I keep seeing things and thinking they'd make good icons. 

2. I have a tab open now of a news article entitled "Why is Seattle trying to sack Tacoma?". I kind of don't want to read the article, because it can't be as interesting as the possibilities it implies. Maybe Seattle is tired of Tacoma being in it's state and they've decided to fire us? Or they've decided that instead of taxing plastic bags they're just going to send them here? Or, and this is my favorite, Starbucks, Ichiro and the hipsters from Capitol Hill have formed an unholy alliance and they're going to lay siege to Tacoma until we agree to stop having interesting arts and food here. I'm picturing people wrecking havoc on the glass museum. Possibly the salmon throwing guys from Pike Place Market would be involved. 
3. No, it was actually about a bidding war between Seattle and Tacoma for the headquarters of a company everyone hates. Though I think the reason everyone hates them is because they resent being forced into a bidding war. That is not as fun I thought it might be. 

4. Okay, still watching Buffy and Angel. I just finished season 6 of Buffy and season 3 of Angel. Putting this behind a cut because I can't be the only person who avoids spoilers for old shows I might someday watch. Mostly I'm still liking both shows, but they both did things that really bothered me in these seasons. For one, Cordelia ought to fight. I understood it when she was like dying of visions, but then she had demon-y powers, and she just kept hiding in the corner with Fred. Actually, I think Fred fights more than Cordelia does. Bothers me. Wesley looks like Daniel Jackson. Fred and Gunn dating is way cute. I didn't like Cordelia/Angel when they first started that whole arc, but now I have no strong feelings either way. Wesley/Fred squicked me, and I'm still not sure why. The whole episode with the ballet was really random but kind of fun. Lindsey going all redneck on Angel was the highlight of, like, my week when I watched it. 

5. As far as Buffy goes, I had no idea you could show that much sex on TV. Women in Buffy get perved on and called bitches a lot. Enough to for me to notice, at least, and I'm oblivious. Spike getting a soul is hilarious from a story perspective, and really dumb from a meta one. They just spent 6 years going on and on about how Angel is the only vampire in the history of ever to have a soul, and now Spike's got one, too, just so he can actually have a relationship with Buffy? Ick. The whole point of Spike is that he doesn't actually have a heart of gold under his caustic exterior. Except now he does. If he becomes anything better than chaotic neutral I'll be mad. 

6. I'm working, a bit, as a busser (server assistant is apparentely the technical term) at my step-dad's restaurant. I've tried working there as a hostess before and hated it, so I was I surprised to find that bussing is actually great for me. I don't have to talk to customers very much, but I have a bunch of different things I could/should be doing at any given point. Lots of running around and switching quickly from task to task. Basically, it's the perfect ADHD job, for me at least. Plus, the servers give me tips, which I didn't know when I started and it remains very exciting. 

7. The problem with it is that I'm only working weekends, so on the weekdays I feel the sitting around not doing anything more acutely. But my brother gets out of school soon, and then I'll be babysitting him a lot. Plus we can go on adventures. It'll be fun. 

8. I still haven't seen Star Trek! Or Wolverine, or Up. I keep meaning to, and then I just don't. Probably Star Trek will be one of those with-my-brother adventures. 

9. There is no thought #9. But I felt like I should have some sort of conclusion. I'm bored and hot but not particularly unhappy, I suppose. That's conclusive, right?

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