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"Hello Rodney," Teyla called from her chair, where she was nursing her son.

"Hey Teyla. Do you need anything? Water or a pillow or something?"

"No thank you, I am quite comfortable. Have you seen my chair?"

"No, is it new?" Rodney bent to inspect the chair, "Hey, this looks like a rocking chair. Did someone send it from earth?"

"No, though John asked the same thing. Ronon built it for me. It is a Silla de la Madre, the traditional chair of mothers on Sateda. They're usually passed down the maternal line to each new generation. Some were very old, hundreds of years."

"Hmm. Could I sit in it? I'd like to read him a story, the Anthropology department helped me with it."

"Of course, Kanan loves stories."

Rodney took the baby from Teyla very gingerly, like he was reciting the rules of baby-holding in his mind.

Teyla helped him sit in the chair, and checked that Kanan would be warm enough.

"He may need to be changed soon. All of the gear for that is on the dresser. Radio if you need anything..."

"Teyla! Wait, please. Um. I'd like it if you listened to the story as well. To see if it's ... appropriate."

"I doubt I need be concerned, but yes, I will stay."

Teyla sat on the nearby couch.

Rodney cleared his throat.
"Mickey Mouse Learns How to Fly.
One day, Mickey Mouse decided to learn to fly.
So he found his friend Goofy, and asked Goofy to teach him.

"Rodney! You are speaking Althosian. Did the anthropologists translate it for you?"

"No. I mean, they helped, but it isn't translated. I had some free time while you were missing, since Sheppard wouldn't let me go on the raids. Anyway, I thought I'd put my time to good use and learn Althosian. It wasn't very hard, though I still don't understand why you need so many tenses. But anyway. I wanted Kanan to have people to talk to. I think most 'lanteans will learn at least a few words. Or I'll make them. Either way, it will help. But. It's ok, right? I could not..."

Teyla pulled the couch closer to the chair and grabbed Rodney's right hand.

"This is one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever recieved, Rodney. I thank you. More importantly, my son thanks you. This will do much to help him remember his culture. Now. Let us hear more of the exploits of Mickey Mouse. I am quite curious about Goofy."

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